Fit 2 Love Podcast with JJ Flizanes

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Gaea Verneris owns Legacy One Financial and is a Financial Advisor and Planner. If you’re someone who is an experienced long-term investor and looking for an advisor who works uniquely for you, not a financial institution, I can help identify, create and customize a plan aligned with your values, beliefs and goals. I work in a trustworthy and transparent manner and as a steward for your money. With over a decade of experience and keeping skills sharp, I nurture my client relationships and stay on top of an ever-changing investment landscape. As an independent advisor, I offer financial planning, retirement planning, investment advice, life insurance, long-term care and other services all with a more holistic approach.

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JJ Flizanes is an Empowerment Strategist and the host of several podcasts including People’s Choice Awards nominee Spirit, Purpose & Energy. JJ Flizanes works with conscious, spiritual truth seekers who want to remove emotional blocks to success. She helps people identify sabotaging patterns and transmute struggle into joy. Through a series of clarifying exercises, she is able to curate a personalized roadmap to emotional healing.  JJ is passionate about empowering people with the knowledge and awareness of how they can live the life of their dreams.


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