Fit 2 Love Podcast with JJ Flizanes

AJ is host and founder of the podcast My Seven Chakras, which has received over 4 million downloads in over 150 countries.  After completing an MBA at the University of British Columbia, he realized that he didn't want to take the traditional route, but instead embark on an entrepreneurial journey based on kindness, ancient wisdom, healing and spirituality.

 Over the years, he has accumulated skills and experiences in energy healing, meditation, breathwork and other practices that have transformed his life and the lives that he's come in contact with. He's a certified SOMA breathwork instructor, and he loves using ancient Yogic breathing practices with rhythmical euphoric music and scientific research to help people calm their mind, heal their chakras, relax their nervous system and experience deep states of bliss. 


JJ Flizanes is an Empowerment Strategist and the host of several podcast including People’s Choice Awards nominee Spirit, Purpose & Energy. She is the Director of Invisible Fitness, a best-selling author of Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life and The Invisible Fitness Formula: 5 Secrets to Release Weight and End Body Shame. Named Best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles for 2007 by Elite Traveler Magazine, JJ has been featured in many national magazines, including Shape, Fitness, and Women’s Health as well as appeared on NBC, CBS, Fox, the CW and KTLA. Grab a free copy of the Invisible Fitness Formula at

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