Fit 2 Love Podcast with JJ Flizanes

Season 1 Blooper Reel features JJ Flizanes and Jeanne Peters on Movement Mondays and Tasty Tuesdays.

Season 2 start September 7th 2015!


Movement Mondays- (video) all about exercise and movement

Tasty Tuesdays- (video) all about cooking and nutrition

Wellness Wednesdays- (audio only)  all about wellness, hormones, aging, detoxing, alternative medicine, preventative medicine, integrated medicine and all things health and wellness

Thoughtful Thursdays- (audio only) all about mindset, psychology, strategy, hypnosis and the mental and emotional aspects of wellness

Freedom Fridays- (audio only) all about spirituality, astrology, law of attraction, numerology, and all energy of a non physical nature

Sexy Saturdays- (audio only) all about relationships, dating, marriage, skin care and fashion

Be sure to check back soon for Season 1's Video Episode 000: About JJ Flizanes and the Fit 2 Love Podcast Show!

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